VTC vs Taxi

This article will explain what is a VTC and evidentiate the advantages of VTC vs Taxi.

What is a VTC ?

The “VTC” term is the shorthand for “Voiture de Transport avec Chauffeur“, are limousine chauffered car providers, formally known as “Grande Remise”.
VTC providers offer personalised and impeccable transport services on board of new luxury vehicles adapted to each occassion.
A vast choice of cars and services are offered to meet the needs of clients, from professionals to private individuals.

VTC regulations of Transport Department in France impose that transport operators car with driver (VTC) vehicle having between 4 and 9 seats, including the driver, are subject to respect operating conditions:

  • professional competence,
  • continuous education,
  • reservation required,
  • fit and quality service.

VTC vs Taxi – Why choose a VTC over Taxi ?

  • A luxury vehicle, not older than 5 years
  • A professional driver, which is able to act as your guide, private concierge and bodyguard
  • Unlimited insurance coverage for passengers and goods
  • You know the price upfront, no stress to keep an eye on the route to keep the costs down
  • No tips
  • No dirty cars
  • No unwanted talks
  • Bottled water, candies
  • Latest newspaper, Internet Tablet
  • Phone chargers
  • Free phone calls
  • WIFI
  • Customizable service

VTC vs Uber – Why choose VTC over Uber ?

  • You know the price up-front
  • You book it in advance, according to your schedule
  • You can fully customize the service according to your needs
  • You can pay cash, card or even Paypal
  • If you run out of battery on your phone, you can still be sure that we will be there waiting for you at the scheduled time
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